Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pressure, pressure, pressure ya nini?

I attended this meeting some time back. Going in, I was aware of the tensions that would be manifest. That's always likely when you have like 4 departments gathered round to discuss a project that is one year late. I actually wasn't meant to attend but got called in for backup. Daggers drawn. And right from the start people were spitting fire. Hillary would have ducked for real if she was in that room. Raised voices, bulging veins and foaming mouths. I couldn't help but laugh.

So after the meet, I was talking to one of the "enemy". You're frustrated, I'm frustrated, everyone is frustrated. Why. Why is everyone stressed and generally discontent. It can't be a good thing. It can't be the way organisations are supposed to work. It should be the exception not the norm. Is The Man to blame. Does he know how you're fretting. Does he care. Is it worth it. Is there no choice. Does it have to be this way. I don't think so.


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