Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free at last! - For now.

I'm alone.
At the office. No, at my desk, not at the office.

Crap, let's just get to it. Have had some sort of student/helper for at least two months or so. Or is it one month? I've had someone at my desk for a long time. They've been alternating, one leaves another comes, at times I've had two people here. Watching me. Waiting to be told what to do. Gawking silently at my computer screen.

I'm not a talkative guy. Hey! I'm a frea**ing introvert! So things have been tense at times, to say the least. There I'd be busy checking stuff while the student(s) would sit by quietly waiting for something to do. Which would involve them writing stuff, raising entries and what not. Awkward silences. Me staring straight at the screen. At least there is music from the computer, otherwise I would definitely go bonkers.

They were days I'm sure I made a joke or two. Tried to be funny, jovial, easy going - you know, stuff I only do when I'm high. Come to think of it, those jovial days were most likely on Thursdays and Saturdays. Maybe even Friday, relishing the fact that I was going to hit the bottle in the evening.

Anyways, it was hard work for me most of the time. I thrive on working un-regulated. Un-fettered. I don't like people looking at what I'm doing. Cramps my style. Don't want people around when I'm trying to post something on the blog, unless you can tell them to take a walk, come back after half an hour, if I'm still typing, take another walk. Tedious.

I like to think that I have my own way of doing work, certain steps I take going about my work that I can't pass on to you because it would be like me rubbing off on you. It's like whoever is watching gets to know how my mind works. No!! Don't want that!

So basically what was happening was me doing things at Mach 4. Hands moving furiously over the keyboard, opening unnecessary windows and then closing them,. Handing out petty tasks - 10 copies of this document please, oh I forgot, another 5 copies of that. Please find out if Mr. X is at his desk, you'll have to walk there, he never picks up his phone...like that.

Well, that's done. For now. Had a pretty easy day, don't have to keep showing someone how to think - most of this work is basically routine, a monkey would do it after a week. Wait a minute, that doesn't sound right. Scratch that. Anyways, it is not really proper for me to repeat myself the entire month. Now I can open google and look up anything. Can take breaks cause there is no one at my desk waiting for me to churn out stuff for them to work on. Just me. Work at my own pace.

Maybe now I can get time to blog some more.
Hold on...


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