Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home [almost] alone

So another member of the house left on sato. Took until yesterday to realise how empty the house feels [it's hard to notice that kind of thing when you're asleep]. When did the airport become such an unfriendly place. Muted goodbyes.

Anyway. It's just the two of us now. I've long held that living alone is a recipe for all sorts of malaise. Depression and stuff. It's why I never used to stay in my room in campus. Apart from first year when guys used to come through for tea. There was a kettle big enough to feed 10 people in one go. Then there were the pineapple eating sessions. Those were special. The only way I would have survived hanging around alone in my room was if I had some gal. Yeah.

It's not like I talk much at home. Never have. And there are times when I've gotten quite irritated by unending back and forth among the ladies in the house. It hit me once why men drink. And why they go to bars to do it. But there is a certain comfort to arriving at a house with people in it. A feeling of lack getting to an empty one. Something about being social beings and stuff that makes it feel odd. Virtually all chics I've asked though swear that they love their own company, and much prefer living in a house alone. I've never bought that. Never understood it anyway. Sure, walking around naked is loads of fun but..

So a guy can either get a roommate [housemate] or have a chic around [roommate]. Getting a playstation, pay TV or an endless supply of movies and novels just isn't the same. A while yet before such decisions need to be made.


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