Friday, February 22, 2008

vacuum toys

I bought the world's most expensive toy 3 years ago. A sony flatscreen but with a hump.
a hump so big it ridicules eeh was that bactarian or dromedary camel. Don't worry, i began cramming when i was 9 years old.
The thing about this toy is that it was supposed to be like my chic. To turn me on as Nation would put it. Not the turning on you are thinking.
To keep me busy, bring comedies, games and the best of action all day all night.
I even tried an addon in the name of GTV to great disgust and apathy. I began falling behind on bills until i wrote the email "Due to the aftermath of the post election violence, please disconnect till i finish reconstruction projects"
White lies.Little knowing that it left a vacuum. Wait a minute. Vacuum has a double u. like wuuui! Those english guys were nuts. should only have double o and e. no double a and u.
language is a barrier. i have to stop using it.


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