Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why didn't you call last night

I'm sure there must be a song like that. Anyway. It caught me by surprise when she asked. Straight from left field as the Americans would say. North Americans that is. [I don't at all fancy baseball] South Americans would probably go with something like ay caramba! [I thought there was a post with that title]

"Huh?", I said back, all the while shaking my head. What kind of question is that, and how is a guy meant to answer it. "I was busy... washing my hair?". I couldn't think of a reason to give. I didn't think I needed to. Does a guy have to contact a chic every single day, else there is something wrong. I talk to the Introverts once a week. Sometimes. But they'd be the first set of people [after the folks at home] I'd tell if I was going in for surgery or something.

I thought days of chics waiting about for a guy to say something were over.


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