Wednesday, January 31, 2007

squaaab ....

Yesterday as we were having a drink at Zeep, some thin girl shouted to some guy with quite some passion: So what if I am a lesbian?
There was a uniform turning of heads, jaws dropping. Talk of catapulting out of the closet!

The Usual Suspects
Jungle Fever
Benicio Del Toro is in the first and last. Excellent actor.

She is nicknamed Cute2 (or squaaaaab...lately) and she is crazy. Showed up at my favorite haunt (twice) and pulled a scene. So we are not talking, or rather I am not talking. She calls yesterday and starts crying over the phone. Yet she is not my girlfriend and has never been.
She is a seer, in case I forgot to mention. In our earlier discussions, before anything could take shape, she started mumbling something about me and her twenty years down the line. I firmly commanded the guard to stand down. No fcukgin combat this season. Resources would be better utilized in an immediate and speedy getaway. It is mighty exhausting to be relentlessly pursued by a chic.

Er wait...she has just sent an SMS. Please check your email. Hold on...going to read..

Ok that cannot be posted here. Moving on ...
Err what the f*k? It is Wednesday. I am in high spirits. Pewa e-mail


sometimes you make me sound lyke an unlearned chap!!!!!!!!! which i feel not fit for a lady lyke me. i have my own pride bt wen it comes to you its like the pride is fichwad kidogo, am always maself thats why wen u tell me i ringa i just wonder coz there r those idiots i ringa to with a good rsn.

nywayz #name deleted#, me too i have time to sort out my issues, am not ready to rush into things. Am growing old day by day so i have a lot to do. dont think that am idle pls. i have to get myself a good job en a better life with no regrets. i have to be financially stable by my own, en all av got to be focused. u might think am a hustler bt ur damn wrong. Wen i tell u abt being together doesnt mean we b fuking, being behind each others back all the time or concentrating on useless love issues which cannot benefit in life. its all abt being close friends.

sometimes i feel irritated when i go out en guys are flocking all over me with their nonsensical issues, i usualy put them off coz am principled, i dont go out smiling with every tom, dick and harry. Only to know there's smone who can help me out of this #net proxy will not allow# en he's not thea for me( i think thats wy am ever threatened by chicks for no good rsns) i wish we could be goung out en haveing fun together with no tight strings attached this could at least help me get out of this #again#.

so u have ur own issues, i have mine ten times yours which am not sure of so am just trying my best.

the last thing coz i can write a booklet on this, is that av been hurt by guys so am not ready to try another man. i better be myself for once with good friends only. am already relaxed so dont worry. wen i invited you for coffee i didnt mean to question you on anything, just wanted to have a life chat with you. nyways am waiting for your offer coz u refused mine.
i greatly blame myself for all this, i wish days could go back en come that time ................

//End of mail.

To answer the lingering question: No, not done it with her. Too scary.

4:27 PM.

I have hit that developer spell where productivity is zero and the only remedy is a black out caused by drink followed by a long convalescence period or a paid holiday with a trip to the coast.


Blogger matejivu said...

squaaab, what a name! it's very emotional to see a chic waxing lyrical of past hurts and trying look weak. A man can't help. They believe it works all the time.
May be make herself look sorrunded by unwanted men. that stuff is chucked by all and sundry. was this a class they went. Can someone open up on the other side. hey, ca n some gal blogging, tell me.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:18:00 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

Boy, that is some email!!! Goodness are are right to be freaked out by her!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:24:00 PM  
Blogger aJamaa said...

Haya, thought Kamanda speak was hard to read, that e-mail is totally intelligible but I guess that is because most of the stuff she says needs to be read in context and I am not a party to it.

She is contradicting herself, 'i have to be financially stable by my own, en all av got to be focused' and then in the same breathe says 'Only to know there's smone who can help me out of this ...'

I expect she is not refering to financial support. But I know you are not in a place in your life where you can be responsible for anyone's financial, emotional or any other form of well being.

Run faster!

Thursday, February 01, 2007 8:30:00 AM  
Blogger QueMo said...

.5 o a good writer bro! i have a freak chic friend...i met earlier...she pulls some serious shizzles via sms....sometimes i wish we never had phone....damn. Lucky enough she doensnt no nothing bout emails! lol

Saturday, February 03, 2007 7:17:00 PM  

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