Thursday, January 25, 2007

All In The Figures

This post is simply to make clear to Sam previously foggy issues. Mr. S is
not able to count, on the other hand, not many people can count.

Last Wednesday (not yesterday)....Tropez.

The usual. Drinking. We spot some 16 year old (I'm sure she'd say she is in
campus - don't know if 0.5 asked) dancing close by. Pretty girl by the way.
It was already the bewitching hour so I might be off insisting she was
pretty. Anyways, the same dude from before - the one who was talking to
hooters in a previous post, is throwing come-hither eyes at 16yr old. 16yr
old has a buddy. Not quite as pretty but female anyway. Lets call this one
ShortHair. ShortHair is having none of the come-hither behaviour, so she is
running interference. I think I'll just call the guy ComeHither. ComeHither
calls me over and explains his dilemma. ShortHair won't give the guy any
room to make moves on 16yr old. I assure him I will do my best. ShortHair
makes for the washroom, I stop her for the briefest moment. Women will say
anything when they are pressed so she agrees to pass by our table when she
comes back.

Meanwhile, right behind our table, there are two women. One tall lady with
dreadlocks. I am tempted to say Big woman. Lets call this one BigDread. I
had not noticed BigDread, she was directly behind me, but next to her, more
in my line of vision - I had to turn round to see them - is her sister
(that's what they said). So, I'm feeling lucky at the moment and try to get
a number. Just before I hand SisterDread - who doesn't have dreads and looks
much better than BigDread - my phone, my hand was actually stretched out,
BigDread declares that she knows me and just to prove her point she mentions
names of relatives. Mojo out the window. Phone tucked back into my pocket.
We get to talking.

ShortHair comes back. She sits down. Wants liquor. Alcohol is ordered.
ComeHither doesn't do a thing about 16yr old so she comes over with
ShortHair. Now I am trying to talk to 2 women at the same time. 0.5 is busy
with 16yr old. BigDread is going on and on like I am a long lost friend.
ShortHair just wants to drink and dance. At some point I forget ShortHair.
0.5 told me he and 16yr old were not getting along. Something about her
attitude. One thing led to another, ShortHair and 16yr old left in a huff. I
think BigDread was pleased.

At the same time Hooters was around. I had already gotten her number, so
every time she passed our table we would share a smile, as she headed back
to her boyfriend. You remember Hooters don't you? Flat belly and...Hooters!

So Mr. S. Are we okay now? 3 women.


Blogger Samborera said...

True, I'm not able to count...

1. 16yr old
2. ShortHair
3. BigDread - I like her. There's something about Big women.
4. SisterDread
5. Hooters

Friday, January 26, 2007 7:28:00 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

It appears that Sam is indeed capable of counting!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007 4:27:00 AM  

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