Monday, January 29, 2007


This might as well be my favorite subject, I have done 10+ posts on it (or something similar).

Last December, there was a roaring debate in the press about lack of suitable husbands. Women took the well known position about being assertive, responsibility, careers, higher expectations and equal chances. Today on radio, some presenter asked why young men are going for older women.

The answer is simple. In the early years, for men, the motivation to marry was fueled by the desire to get laid. Nowadays, women are dropping pants at very little encouragement.
You can get it. Too fckuing easily!!! Without having to marry anybody.
You don't need to maintain a tight relationship either. All you need is a number. Call for drinks, and she is happy to screw you and probably some other guys too. Who cares if she is screw**g some other guy?
Is this a great country or what? I love this liberation/independence shi*!

There are no immoral people. Just free people.

The detestable age of 30 is nigh and people start feeling they need some purpose in their life. Mothers are constantly nagging: When am I getting my grandson? Another profile is needed and a person who looks like s/he has some substance is now sought. You know, someone who does not seem like he is sticking his golf stick in any agreeable hole; or someone who has not hosted so much traffic she could as well be Waiyaki way.

Loneliness starts creeping in. The elixir of youth starts to slip away and use of dangerous chemicals increases tremendously in an attempt to arrest said decline. Upper echelon managers (about to retire) with a rolling gait and a seemingly retarded manner are the only ones hitting on you because you look like a mature, albeit younger version of their wife.

Men are lucky in two respects.
i) They are logical (not necessarily wise). A guy knows this: Accumulate enough millions and you can have anyone. Well, almost.
ii) Most women, including some of the most educated ones, still think they need a husband to validate their lives.

All this chest-thumping and shouting on top of roofs about not needing the other sex dies when someone goes home in the evening; opens the door to an empty living room; a cold bed; you cannot f**k or kiss your career. Here me are some designs for client that I did not finish....oooh designs ...babe. #@#@#@##$!!!
If you can get laid, well and good. What if you can't?

@ Crossroads. Age on one hand and desire for a calm and settled life on the other. The handsomes and the beautifuls have passed you by as they made their choices. Where is Richard? Does not look too bad now does he? His fridge was always fully stocked. He had even bought flood insurance for his house! The free spending, lucky-go-free guy opens dusty notebooks in attempt to retrieve numbers belonging to girlfriends of a painful past (for them, not him). The beautiful girl he was seeing whom he wanted to marry, simply thought he was just a good f**k. A rich man with a fleet of limousines and bungalows needed a trophy wife to match his image and proposed. She did not even blink.

One Kamikaze will not need the cloning biology professor. I am kinda of disappointed. I wanted to see what gymnastics the man would have pulled.


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