Monday, January 29, 2007

cost of cowardice

Guys are getting mad. They should avoid soaps.
There's this guy George. He's preparing for to propose-venue: at the chics pal. he buys most expensive wines and beers, he's funding the party -actually more than i make in a month and a half gross in over-sugared cakes and ice cream from the Caribbean. Perfect evening party. We should come along with friends. One guy arrives in a convoy of blokes waiting for the beers to start popping. The house is deeply congested. How will this man say what he wants? Where will he kneel?
I am told he'd bought a ring from Japan and is hiding it. The cost- i shall avoid in this forum. he's supposed to surprise this unsuspecting chic-the would be wife.
I am scared!, he tells the host. The host tries to instill confidence to this confused.She (the host) calls for a minute silence 4 George to say something-break the news to the party and awe the chic. He freaks out, thanks everyone 4 attending and says nothing more. Since i had the hint from the host, am waiting for the guy to kneel in a worship like style and pour out his folly. Since he'd spent so much, even if it sucks- just say it!
This guy has butterflies in the stomach. He says nothing. "Ng'ombe!" am thinking. Ok, let's make things clear- I personally do not believe in this whole confusion called "will you ***** me? But there gets a time in the life of a male when he decides he's spent too much. Call it off or cross off.
I need to arrange another dinner may be invite only 10 visitor and say my magic. Now where does he need to import the glasses. It's cheaper doing the thing in Grand Regency.
Cowardice is too costly.


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