Saturday, January 27, 2007

How many fingers am I holding up?


5.50pm. I bound out of the office. Nuts!! Crazy traffic jam. 0.5 is well on his way there. This is odd. I'm usually there before him, but hey, its all good. Can't hold thirst against a guy can you? One of the resident doctors is like on his 3rd pint or something. Calling every ten minutes. Slowly but resolutely I wend my way tropezwards.

I check in. Its always great to be here. I get 0.5 and Doc in spirited discussions. I can't talk now. Get me some of that Pure Gold - very cold. That just makes me want to go back right now.

Anyways, I had tried to set up a date with Ms. Hooters. Once again, she is not very good at communicating. Remember 20yr old? Anyone? Yes, well, we have had this thing for a while. The thing is where I ignore her, she
doesn't like being ignored, she tells me about it, then we pull a one month stint, I ignore her again get the picture. So this week she has been on about us resolving certain issues. The said issues are for another
post. So being the nice guy that I am, I agree to let her meddle in my Friday drink up with the boys by showing up. So there I am hoping Hooters calls. Hoping 20yr old doesn't show up. On the other hand I am not feeling Hooters at the moment. Just cause I'm sprung doesn't mean she can't let me
know if we are still on or not. On that note I figured, ah well, 20yr old might as well show up.

20yr old shows up. Intros are made and we try not to ignore her. Ah, here comes Mr. S. Hey Sam, this is 20yr old. Hey 20yr old, heard alot about you. Herculean efforts are made to tone down our conversations. Ok, we try and stop the Doc from saying things he should only say to us, wait no, he should never say to anyone. Anyways, we get lucky some times, others we are too late and he says something that makes me want to drag him to his car, throw him in, put the car in gear and watch him crash into Nation Centre.
Whaddayanow. aJamaa checks in. More intros. This isn't so bad. I could live with this.

20yr old says she is in no rush to go home. I'm liking the idea. My phone rings. Hey! Its Hooters flashing me. I show 0.5 the missed call, all smiles. See that! Yeah dude! I just got flashed by Hooters! I forget 20yr old is right next to me, studying me like first year in campus. I
almost knock people over running out to call the airtimeless lady (at times I think they really can't be bothered to use their airtime on some of us, but what can you do eh?). Hey you! Whassup? Where are you? Tropez is the
reply. You? On my way to Tropez. Good good. But. But what, I say? My boyfriend is there. I know that, is my reply. So she says if she comes over to Tropez we can't hang out. I'm like, thats ok, just come through, so's I can see you. Then she tries to pimp me out to her cousins (remember them?). Her idea, I think, is that since she will be with her boyfriend, her cousins can mooch alcohol off of us. I explain that I am actually with someone myself, so not today (was that where it all went wrong?). I try and set up
another date, but she isn't very enthusiastic. She says SHE will call
me, to let me know. Like that will happen (crossing my fingers). So I go back in, and whisper the events so far to 0.5.

20yr old asks for my phone. Alarm bells should have sounded in my head. But in my inebriated state all I heard was a muffled clang. So I pull out my phone and hurriedly delete my inbox and outbox. She says she wants to sms her buddy to
come over. I say the more the merrier. (Pause...Freeze this frame - Kamikaze handing his phone to someone who has severally asked , this week alone, who the other woman is.
He has only deleted the inbox and outbox. There are 3 other traps just waiting to snag him, but is he thinking of that? No. He is thinking of Hooters. Unfreeze). She takes the phone and acts like she is smsing. I don't notice, busy vibing with the boys. I get my phone back. I check outbox,
nothing. Ah well, she must have deleted whatever it was she sent to her buddy. Ten minutes later she says she wants to go home. I am confused. I thought you were ok, not in a rush to go home, and by the way, your buddy is coming right? No she isn't. I didn't sms her. Then it hits me. I am
scrambling now. Check draft messages - Yes, there it is. Snug as a bug. A message meant for Hooters. Which I didn't send because 0.5 convinced me to just call her. Missed calls - Hooters. Dialled Numbers - Hooters. I stay calm and look nonplussed. Needless to say, things just go south from here on. She adamantly wants to go home. I concede defeat and escort her towards her mat. Words are exchanged. That's that then I guess. Been nice knowing you.

So at this point Project Hooters isn't looking so good. 20yr old is off the screen. Sam help me count man. Ah yes, Sam's friend who became my friend isn't feeling me that much now. It has something to do with a message meant
for Hooters that ended up in her inbox. Yes, Hooters again. Aaarrghhh!!! Why did I even look at her? All for nothing. She has cost me two ladies. What am I left with? Nothing!!! That's how many fingers I am holding up.

That's how Friday ended. Me slinking away, left 0.5 cuddling some woman, Mr. S wearing out his dancing shoes, the Doc gone home, aJamaa too. All alone. I
am all alone. Now I am holding one finger up, to Hooters!


Blogger 0.5 said...

Hey Kamikaze, you forgot the fact that indeed she did show up. And that was well after the boyfriend had left.

As for 20 year old ......first you were talking to your colleague more than you talked to her. I must have read somewhere that this sort of thing ticks women off ...

And what did you tell the younger cousin?

Feb 20, for 200 bob, back! And I am winning this one.

Saturday, January 27, 2007 1:41:00 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

Wow..I had no idea the 20 year old was still in the picture given your fascination with Hooter Girl!! Interesting turn of events!!

Monday, January 29, 2007 8:13:00 PM  

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