Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ten years of itchy feet

The end of 2006 marked my ten year anniversary of pynting, pubbing and clubbing. Although the intensity of my drinking has decreased in the last 2 years, the frequency has remained at around once a week. This trend troubles me especially since I do not derive as much pleasure as I used to. And the price I have to pay for a late Sato night is getting higher and higher. It started off with a wasted Sunday morning, extended to the whole of Sunday and may soon get to Monday.

The thought of fretting about the fact that I have been pynting for 20 years 10 years down the road does not sit well with me. But I dont see myself stopping in the near future mainly because I cant find something else to do with my Saturday evenings. Now that I am back at school my Friday evenings are sorted. When I try to stay at home on Sato's with a good movie, book and even a drink I end up suffering a serious bout of itchy feet by 7 pm and have to take them out for a walk.


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