Thursday, December 21, 2006

While You Were In The Office

Just got to the office. 9.15 I think it was. 0.5 should have gotten to his
place of work (why can't I just say his office?) around the same time.
Anyways, its crazy out there.

First of all, if you leave the house around 8.40, you will have no hassles
getting a mat. Is that crazy or what? But the weird part is all the
commotion. I mean, there is noise! I don't know, perhaps its louder if you
slept at 4.30am and woke up at 7.50. There are car crashes (mathrees are
definitely involved) - this dude - the mathree driver - has clearly hit the
rear end of some guy's Subaru. There he was loudly proclaiming the Subaru
guy's mistakes. Didn't get much, but the gist of it was the Subaru guy
didn't take a corner well or some stuff like that.

Then in the mat I was taking to the office, first mat cause I need to take
two mats to the office, the guy wants to charge me 40bob. Another crazy guy.
Crazy first because I don't take the mat all the way to tao, and I usually
pay a pao. These are the sort of guys you ignore. Then when the guy realises
you won't budge (I was giving the guy 30bob, should have been thankful), he
will slowly come back for the cash. Ati "Gari ni 40", then the guy walks
away like I shall be thoroughly embarrassed by the situation and chase him
with the 40bob.

After that, I met another makanga stuck to the mat door. These small Nissans
(or Toyota Sharks - I say Nissans the way all motorbikes were/are called
Hondas - at least all guys from the mtaa used to do that.). Yeah, so the guy
is either being arrested by some plain clothes cops or he is going to be
thoroughly roughed up by some aggravated customer. Either option wasn't
appealing to the dude so he held fast to the sliding door, which came off
its rail, hanging precariously, the guy not letting go, shirt askew, the
cop/angry citizen grunting away trying to break his grip - that was all I
had time for, had to keep moving.

Further up, a bunch of guys standing outside a mat cause some cop has
grabbed the keys. Whatever had happened I don't know. But guys are standing
around looking vexed, the cop has crossed to the other side of the road,
perhaps fearing a riot of sorts.

All this between 8.40 and 9.10, when I got my final mathree and made my way
to the office, passed my boss like he was invisible and sat down to do some
work (blogging is work by the way). I tell you, its crazy out there, guys
don't see sh1t while in the office. And its hot too. Even in here.

Wednesday night...


Blogger Princess said...

What an eventful morning!!

Friday, December 22, 2006 10:02:00 PM  

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