Sunday, January 20, 2008


I went to see a play on sato. The first time I thought of doing such was when I decided to quit my job and was wondering what other stuff I would do. I did do drama in high school so why not seek out an audition and see what happens.

Two minutes into the play it hit me how difficult this would be. How do you get into a cast with Steve Muturi. And the cast has like 7 guys so there's no room for extras. How does one break into the establishment, generally speaking, in any field. It is daunting.

The play itself was pretty decent. Got one of the last seats. At 650 bob a ticket I'm not sure I'll make it a regular thing. Met a former high schoolmate during half-time. Had no idea they had half-time in these things, or how the rest of the audience seemed to know it was half-time. Everyone else clapped at the end of some scene after which it was, well, half-time. I got the impression they'd watched this before. Although to be fair it was one hour into the show, which ended up taking a total of 2 hours. Wasn't sure whether to walk out like some or stay put. Where would I walk out to. So as I was staying put, some guy seated one row down and across me turned. Turned out to be a guy I was in the same class with in high school. Hadn't seen him in the 10 years since. He was equally surprised to see me, and apparently more so that I was there alone. "Is it your birthday??", he asked. Sure most people, he included, were coupled up, but can't a guy just wake up from a nap on a Saturday evening and go watch a play. He did ask twice so that concept is apparently preposterous to some.

I did get to talk to one of the theatre guys. Can't remember his name but he's short[ish] and used to present some programme on Nation some time back. I think. He's directing some play in 3 weeks and I could fill some form for audition some place downstairs. I'm still recovering from what it would take, and I'm still tied up 8 to 5. I can still dream.


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