Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who now

I'm yet to figure it out. It's 2am on Wednesday night and I'm in bed. I'm in bed most all Wednesday nights but the reason I'm awake is I've just left the local pub. Kamikaze and 0.5 went on to another joint, and loads of half naked women. I need to check out that place.

So I'm deleting some text on an sms or reminder I was typing or something when a phone call comes through. I saw "Private Number" flash briefly on the screen before I hit the wrong key and prematurely ended the call. I waited for like 5 mins before touching the phone again, just incase another call came in and I unintentionally rejected it. It never came. Since then I've asked a couple of people if they were the culprits. I'd all but assumed it was a certain someone but when she confessed that it wasn't, I was at a loss. There's no conceivable reason Kamikaze or 0.5 wouldn't pull such a stunt. But who would know or chance that I was awake at 2am, and why would they hide their number. I'd have called back.

On a similar note, my small sis has mentioned being asked about her brothers. Perhaps it's the kind of thing chics ask of fellow chics. Normal kind of thing. Must be.


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