Friday, October 12, 2007

Smokers with mobile phones

I really don't have anything to say. I'm sitting here in the office contemplating suicide (will wait to get home before I do it). I'm too broke for words. Something tells me its all my fault. Who cares right now? I'm mighty broke.

Been surfing the net all day (MSN Cars and Wikipedia), adding a splash of actual work here and there to this barren life of mine (keep up appearances; don't want to tip guys off on my impending suicide).

On a completely different angle - not that I need to explain myself - Mr. S once provided some statistic about more accidents being caused by drivers on their phones. Or was it drivers who were smoking? Anyways, some day this month, or the last - can't quite remember much nowadays - I was in the gents, here at the office. Had eaten githeri aka beans, so you can surmise...moving swiftly ahead. I usually enjoy a smoke during or precluding the events in the gents. I have heard and sometimes experienced that smoking makes things happen faster during the aforementioned events. Perhaps its the fact that your body is being poisoned. Just a guess. At some point, my phone rang. I am not the most dexterous of persons, I'll hasten to point out, but I tend to think that I can handle two things at the same time. Wasn't I in shock when I almost put my cigarette to ear! I was almost sucking on my phone. Well, it got me thinking - after I got over the shock and answered the phone (which is another thing...answering phones while in the crapper. Never gotten used to it - not that I get that many phone calls, although Coconuts has taken it as a favorite pastime to call every other hour. Drives me nuts!!). Like I said, it got me thinking. Just a small thought. Lasted almost all of 2 seconds. What if I was driving? I don't have a car. Which is why this question might sound ludicrous to all you driving chimneys attached to your mobile phones.

Don't smoke and drive. So that you have a free hand when your phone rings. Unless you have them blue tooth thingies which always look weird to me. Some thing flashing in my ear and I'm not Jack Bauer.

End of thought.


Blogger Samborera said...

When now, did I give such statistics. Now I know how aJamaa used to feel when I quoted him. Unless Mr. S is another guy. I haven't been Mr. S in ages.

Friday, October 12, 2007 9:32:00 PM  

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