Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dont take chances. the law is an (_x_)

I fished out an old funny forward in my mail. sent just after the passing of the sexual offenses bill.

If you are just about to have sex, don't take chances, get your chic to sign an agreement to cushion you against punitive measures in the Sexual Offenses Act. Below print and use appropriately-(GNU license free)

i ___________________________ hereinafter referred to the screwee to solemnly swear before the man about to have s*x with me (hereinafter referred to as the screwer):

  1. That i am not under influence of any alcohol, drug, coercion or undue influence
  2. That am of age and understand the process
  3. That i consented to the act about to be performed on me by the screwer
  4. That i understand the need for protection and will not hold the screwer accountable for any risks including children as a result of this process
  5. That i am not a prostitute and the screwer is not a male prostitute
  6. That given another chance i would offer myself for the same again

Screwee__________________________ Date________________________


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