Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I feel utterly aggravated. Vexed, annoyed, - jeez, such limited diction -
thats all I have.

I get to the office to find my boss (there is a boss and the manager - I
have it like the boss is the one on top kabisa, manager is below the boss)
has left a letter for me at my table. Some returns are needed pronto.

Fair enough, I get to it.

One hour later, she comes over to my in-charge, grabs a chair on the way,
sets herself down. They murmur some stuff, I'm called over. They are
perusing a different letter. This one is asking for some incomprehensible
stuff. Have I seen the letter before? I'm asked. I think I have, though I
don't say so. I have to think fast. I say yes. Why haven't we responded? I'm
blank. I stare blindly at the paper infront of me like it would give up its
reasons for disturbing the peace. She says she wants answers right now. Cold
sweat. I venture - "Some information was missing, could not find a different
letter to which this one had referenced". Who recieved the previous one? I
don't know. When? August. We are in October. (Silence). Kamikaze, she says,
I want you to trace the first letter, find it, get the information you need,
and get me feedback right now. I don't care if you have to call these guys
(who happen to be in head-office) so that they can send you the information
again. Yes.

She up and leaves. Don't know where to start. My in-charge has left me out
to dry. Want to kick him in the teeth, stop him from grinning like that. I
search in some file where such letters ought to be kept. Nothing. My
in-charge makes a generous gesture of perusing some file. I can see he is
not even trying. I ask him to call the guys and ask for the letter to be
re-sent. He murmurs that he will. I wait, 5 minutes. He is still on the
blasted file. I get up in a huff and ask for the concerned parties' number.
I get it and get to dialling. They don't pick up. I try again and again.

Now I am about to lose it. How can this happen? Someone wants me fired. This
is not my fault. Why am I being punished? I panic. Try and call again. A
bright idea. Send them mail. I calmly put down the phone. My in-charge
coolly asks if I got them. In my best good-naturedly voice I respond that
they were not picking up.

Make my way to the company receptionist, ask to use the mail machine. Type
out an officious email, basically begging for these guys to re-send us the

Get back to making the return.

The boss comes back. Asks for feedback, apparently she waited long enough. I
tell her I couldn't get the letter or the guys on the phone. Have sent
email, waiting for response. She wants to say something. Thinks better of it
and leaves.

Later in the day, my in-charge was regalling the locals with stories of how
I was scared silly, he was not, how I should toughen up. Still want to kick
his teeth in.

Coming up - Sam style - Big Talk In The Office - Everyone is the man/woman
around here


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