Friday, September 29, 2006

Time is not moving

Time has stopped. The wall clock is stuck on 3.40. The seconds hand is moving backwards! I have been typing for -30 seconds. Amazing. Why do Fridays suck like this. Especially after 2.00. Immediately after lunch, time stops moving.

Was trying to work. Looking at past vouchers (slips of paper bankers use to debit and credit various accounts), I think I am stuck on one date. Can't move forward. I look at one voucher for ages trying to remember what it was I am looking for.

Our mailmarshall script blocked one of my mails because it had the word (f) - rigging. Is that even a word?

The clock has moved one minute forward - every minute takes ten minutes.

Blast it. I shall try as many expletives as I can get away with. Euphemisms of them, not the actual expletives. Give me ideas on how i can euphemise words. 0.5 should have an arsenal at his disposal.

Clock has gone back 3 minutes.


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