Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday+1 Blues.

Almost all men above 20 (in Nairobi) have close-cropped hair.

A few women have close-cropped hair. This is a bold departure from the norm. I admire these women.

A young cop who is a regular on Lang'ata road wears a stud. Stud and gun. Not a beautiful sight.

It is becoming less important to wear a suit or even a tie to work (unless you work for a bank). On pioneering places like ours, jeans on Monday are allowed.

Developer cycles or Machine cycles? Everybody thinks developer cycles are more important. I value smart, compact code. To get smart, compact code, you have to think Machine cycles.

Oracle is over-rated.

Microsoft, despite their demons, are over-trivialised, over-trashed and under-rated. Ever seen Gopher? Or pre-lynx browsers?

Unix and its cousins should remain in the Server room.

Don't drink alone in Nairobi. You will be drugged. Do not leave a stranger as the custodian of your beloved Tusker as you go to weewee in the washrooms.

Took a beautiful girl to Tropez for a drink .......alas she met a couple of men she must have known and was soon traipsing all over the place. I was promptly forgotten. Something flipped in my head and I focused on the bottle infront of me. Later on:
'Aiiii...now you are angry cause I was dancing?'
Smiling brightly 'Me? Angry? No no no ....I was just thinking...I am a bit distracted'

Kamikaze asked a lady for her number and got a landline. He he he...I am still laughing about that one.

Guys, learn to say 'I Love You'. Especially when you don't mean it. Look her deep in the eye, dial back into time for a sad or angry moment, like when that chic humiliated you, and speak the words. With time it will be as easy as breathing. Should teach women a few lessons about cooing 'oohhhh I love you' and staring back expectantly for a similar answer.


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