Friday, January 20, 2012

Emmanuel church

This church, i dont know if it exists, was on mamlaka road somewherebetween mamlaka halls and ufungamano building back in the day. Was a great excuse to take the long winding route to mamlaka dining area on a lazy sunday evening for supper when staying in hall 10/3/1/2. Sole reason being that the church service at this sanctuary of beautiful women ended at about 6pm. It was like a breath of fresh air, rain falling at the kalahari or getting to pee when your full bladder was just about to burst. This was a peculiar church, had amharic speakers only! How could one grouping of people be so f*king blessed to have more than 95% of the women being finger licking hot? That long walk was a little price to pay for the eye feast.
Fast forward to 2012. So many of these sisters on this foreign land, and whats more shocking is that people here look down on them! Unbelievable! here i am getting my hourly fix of visual satisfaction but the next jungu/arab punk is almost irritated by their presence.
Never got round to asking our kenyan chicks if they had any ethiopian heart throbs or pin ups of them. The typical guy has the dominant Haile Gabreselase look, but guess they must be admired for their stamina


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