Saturday, January 28, 2012

weekend laundry

its sabbath, officially starts jana evening till today evening. Had thought it would be a perfect day to get laundry done since i was not at work. it was mentioned that there was a washing machine in the basement of the block so today i put a few things in a bag and made my way to the basement. Now turns out the usual enterance i use to the block is not the same to the basement, looked all i could but couldnt find it. Being sabbath no one was in sight, knocked on my neighbours doors to ask for directions but no one was home. Coz of luggage weight limitations, i had carried enough clad for 10 days and i needed some clean coz kesho is a work day. I dont have a bucket, i dont have any container that can hold water bigger than the bowl i take tea in- the cups r too small to take tea in. had to invent, tried to fill up the trash container in my room with water but had a gapping hole. my handwash basin in the loo was the only option, but was tiny like a sufuria. could only take one shirt or 2 vests at a time. It occurred to me i've not seen cloth lines anywhere! i guess the laundry machine has a drier option so no need for pegs and a cloth lines. I only have 2 hangers, i never see those things in their supermarkets, they dont even have crockery and cutlery in their supermarkets, nakumatt has really spoiled me with their everything under one roof concept. Anyway i hanged one shirt on the shower curtain railing and that little weight broke the railing! so i now need to get a shower curtain railing. Ended up hanging the shirts and vests at the window but they are pouring all the water inside the room. What to do? Remembered i had not done laundry myself in many years! Gosh i miss the cleaning lady.


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