Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forget history,

Hedonists paradise...thats Tel aviv for you. Didnt believe it. Thought this is where so called abrahamic religions read Judaism, islam, christianity (who names anything abrahamic) began, the land where prophets and the King himself stepped on, the promised land (not pussy) or canaan etc. so many adjectives have been used to describe how holy and hallowed this place is. so i thought. Was shown a lesbian's club that is now they gay community's melting point...gave it a wide berth. this is the town where all young people want to be coz of the booze, sex, drugs, sex, clubs, sex and sex. Some guy i know is doing some married woman. Apparently thats common. Its another westlands. very liberal.
Was told of this christian miro pilgrim who came to israel to reconnect with the holy/promised land. He landed at airport and immediately knelt and kissed the ground, Guys were staring at that spectacle of an african. In 2 days time he wanted to leave this place and head home calling it a sham! The same day he roamed the streets in the evening to find skimpily dressed women, some couples making out, drugged out punks and just generrally 'unholy' behaviour everywhere. Only about 10% of the population is very religious, the rest are like you or worse.
Was introduced to some christian arabs..they exist. The church in their neighbour hood conducts the service in arabic, there hymn books are in arabic. confusing? i always assumed arabic is same as islam and cant mix with christianity. Cant have an easter procession with placards having jesus's potrait with arabic writing.
There are chicks who are still facinated by a black dudes tool, wont be the one to disappoint them, but where the hell do i buy rubber?


Blogger Inkalimeva said...

Hehehe ...dude, can see you are having fun.

Friday, January 27, 2012 6:36:00 PM  

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