Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I wondered what the dere of the mat was thinking, dropping us off at bus station. Never mind. Probably evading cops or something. When I alighted though is when it felt really strange. Looked different everywhere around me. Last time I was there it was a field of mud. Pretty much. Now it was paved. And looked ordered in some way. There was just something strange about the sight.

I'd not been there since high school. Not in any regular manner at least. And even then I used to take the bus so I used to be on the other side of the place. What happened to all the buses. It used to be a torturous journey the times I needed to take it. Mainly coming back from half-term and weekends off. Torturous. Journey used to take a really long time. More than an hour for sure. And the bus was always packed. Woe unto you if you were at the front next to that contraption that used to generate copious amounts of heat. I think it was the engine under there, or some device manufactured specifically to generate copious amounts of heat. If you weren't anywhere near a window there were real chances of you suffocating in there. If you were short and small and got stuffed along the bus' horizontal axis. Torturous. There's this one time I spent practically the whole journey with my face on some woman's breast. OK. Perhaps all but one of the trips were torturous. It was remarkable. Either the nerves in that general area of her body were long dead, or she just didn't care who was having his way with her, or she figured she'd give this little boy some fun. Make his day. I think the latter.

But it will be strange. I haven't taken a mat home from any place other than Tusker. Ever. That's huge. What happens to this iconic place. It gets turned into a normal city road with parking for personal cars? Weird. A truly seismic change. For me anyway.


Blogger Kamikaze said...

Peekaboo. Good to see you still blogging. Just passing through.

Friday, December 05, 2008 2:11:00 AM  

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