Friday, November 07, 2008

Too hot

There's this woman I used to meet. I feel squirmish using the word woman, but what do you call an older, er, woman? Anyway. I used to see her every so often on my way to work. And there's one thing that always used to strike me about her. Apart from her stunning beauty that is. And non-lying hips.

I used to wonder, why such a gorgeous woman was taking a mat to work. Well, not so much why as how. I had this impression that chics avoid using mats at all costs, and that the only thing of comparable pain would be being thrown into a tub of boiling oil. But my concern was pretty basic. Had no rich man spotted this lady. Where were the rich blokes. Pick her up from her house or buy her a car or something. That's what rich guys do, no? That's how the game works doesn't it. Having such a woman tread the same path as me just isn't right. She's too hot for that.


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