Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carpenter for a day

When I checked into high school, I was thrown into all manner of things. Got drafted into the choir. Military style draft. No choice in the matter at all. Being in the choir in an all boy school isn't the coolest thing I didn't think. But when you're a mono you do as you're told. More drafts followed. Mara I was playing volleyball every other Tuesday. I used to stand there as the ball was being tossed back and forth wondering what I was doing there. I was clearly no good at it. I mean if you were any good your arms wouldn't hurt every time you tried to hit the ball. Either I had the wrong technique or these other guys had arms made of steel.

And it went on like that. You get handed some page long thing to recite [you have to cram it first] for some competition. Elocution they called it. And it's in swa so you don't even know what half the words mean. Cramming stuff you don't understand is hard. It's why I've always preferred science/logic/discrete stuff. Either you know or you don't. Why I chose a course which needed a cluster of Maths, Physics, Chem and Georg. Used to flunk literature like nobody's business. Like this poem we did in the pre-mock exam in form four. I had no clue what the thing was about. How anybody could know what the thing was about. And whatever the teacher decided was the correct answer I was sure I could argue any other's case. It could have been about aliens it was so ambiguous. Or maybe it was just me. Then there was poetry in swa. Haaa. The phrase "seeing dust" comes to mind. What the ChinaMan used to call "kufunikwa". During the mock exams I was one of those who got a bonus. He was a nice old man the swa teacher. He felt for those of us who got zero, so he gave us one [bonus] mark. Angalau. It was circled or something to differentiate it from those who had actually got something right. I figured then that any degree course that had English/Kiswahili as a requirement wasn't for me. Fitting then that I ended up as a programmer.

Before you know it, you've become an excellent gardener, can mop a floor like a pro, sing, dance. OK. Dance was voluntary so I never did that. Besides, I had choir so I went for trips already. Which is the only reason anyone joined dance. Play volleyball, even though it still hurts, football, hockey, act in plays and get sent around a lot. Not sure if that last one counts as a "thing" but it sure swallowed up a large chunk of time. You're doing so many things you don't have time to think. No time to read either for CATs that come at you like bumps in the road when you're going too fast. No time to linger, or get bored. Or get homesick or stressed. Which, looking back, was a good thing.

One of the reasons I've gotten all flustered at the jobs I've had is the fact that after a couple of months, novelty is lost. Sure, you may have more work to do as time goes by and all sorts of deadlines always looming over your head and the same kind of time pressures. No time basically. But you're generally doing the same kind of thing. What if one day a week you made tables or something. What if you didn't do one job but 5. Now that would be something. Should be interesting if not anything else. You may not be an expert at any of those things, but a lot of things people do tend to be routine such that there's little difference between someone who's been in a position for 10 years and some newbie just out of campus. It helps when you leave one set of concerns behind, even if another set checks in. There were [many] days when I would be on the pitch in the evening knowing that I had a CAT that evening and I had not read or revised or whatever. Nothing. And I would happily get on with it. For those 2 hours nothing about books would get into my head, and even though I would be murdered by the physics paper afterwards, it didn't stress me. Perhaps what I needed so as not to get all stressed out and depressed about work was a hobby. Or like my boss kept suggesting, that I get married. Or get a [nagging] chic, like 0.5 offered. Maybe. It's the same principle I guess. Something different to put your mind to.


Blogger aJamaa said...

I can really relate to what you are saying about hobbies and the way we are pissing our lives down the drain doing the same silly routine jobs where the only adrenalin rush comes from having to meet artificial dealines. I have always seen doing something different as a way out. Something different being anything else you can spend time thinking about.

After campus my something different was teaching and pynts. After a while the teaching got a little too much (notbecause I realised I would never sleep with any of my students)it required too much time to prepare and I hated the marking. As for the pynts, around two years ago I started getting really nasty hangovers. So nasty that I now dread drinking and look forward to waking up on Saturday morning in my own bed feeling as fresh as a daisy. Maybe this changes have something to do with the fact that am basically 30 now and my body cannot take the punishment anymore. Or maybe its just this something else has also become old and a guy now needs to move on to the next thing.

I have been searching for a hobby for years. I have talked about cookery, carpentry etc For the last year or so I have settled on running on a treadmill. I try to do it at least four times a week. I even started waking up earlier so that I could get to the gym in the morning. I am now at a point where I find myself leaving the gym at 8 am thinking that the best part of my day has just ended. I sometimes skive drinking on Friday so that I can go to the gym on Sato. I have left some chik's bed so that I can go to the gym. As ironic as it sounds there is a certain freedom in stumping my feet on the treadmill belt, sweat pouring down my face, chest burning with Dre, Snoop, Jay Z, BIG and Eminem scream into my ears. Its not the ultimate hobby but for now it gives me something else

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:28:00 PM  
Blogger 0.5 said...

I am writing code in C for Unix. Then wrapping it in some java plugin so that it can be called from a Java webservice. What more can a guy ask for?

I live with people,..people..who have refused to move out of my house. I have failed to muster the courage to tell them to f* off, so I can as well not be mad about it.

So, the zero sum game is, come Friday, me and Kamikaze close a few pubs around and about. Third time now to stumble out of ***! in Westlands at 9:30 AM Saturday morning. Its hilarious. Of course if you don't that capacity for drinking I can upscale you and we all fry our livers. Just yesterday, was at Madi. Had a short temper, red eyed, head pounding day today. May be I will do it again today. Huuah!

Whats not to celebrate?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 5:07:00 PM  
Blogger Samborera said...

aJamaa - Everything does get old after a while, which is why I think it would be really cool to have something different every so often. It's made me excited just thinking about it.

0.5 - I've always thought you cope pretty well. Perhaps I would too if I drank till 9 in the morning. If I drank at all. Whatever works I guess. Lucky you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 6:13:00 PM  

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