Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Interesting things those. Interesting how the guy who's shown as being behind somehow tries to discredit them while the same guy if shown ahead would indicate how they are a vindication of reality. I've heard at least 5 Obama songs on radio, including one that goes "Barack Obama ni jaluo...". If that were a poll of sorts, there'd only be one winner of that upcoming election. Haven't heard any McCain songs. Wonder what they'd be like. Country music perhaps. "Real America" music.

Doesn't really matter who wins. Half the country won't like the guy. Why anyone would want such a job is a mystery. Teachers go on strike, police are poorly paid, guys decide to kill each other in Mandera. All your fault. One guy asked if an honest guy can really win an election. Say it like it is, I don't have all the answers kind of stuff. The guy who was answering did the politically correct thing, and replied with an emphatic "Yes!". I wish. I guess we live in societies where we have to have leaders, and other guys to spend our taxes. And I guess there are guys who really believe they can better things if they get political power. And some do better than others. I decided long ago that that wasn't the route for me. If I really want to change the world, I'll do cancer research or something.


Blogger wakireport said...

power is like food or beer to those addicted to it. Believe me it pays. Not necessarily in monetary terms. Otherwise why would 120 million americans stop their jobs to cast a ballot.
I lived the dream for a while. Obama has broken the ceiling.

For the guy who was playing dirty games to pull back obama, the finger is yours.

Thursday, November 06, 2008 5:55:00 PM  

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