Thursday, August 21, 2008

60 mins

It all started pretty innocently. A guy minding his business. Two chics minding theirs. At some point their paths cross and the guy realizes it's the two chics he met 3 months back. OK. In my world, seeing qualifies as meeting. But it's always easier approaching someone you've seen before, even though you may not have talked really.

So the night goes along, and I continue to mind my business. I'm drawn back towards my acquaintances though, and one in particular. One of those things you find yourself doing. If you see her upper body you'd understand. Dancing is still what I do. Alvaro wasn't the saviour I thought it would be so water is still what I drink. They on the other hand are on guiness. I remember when guys used to endure that stuff in second year. It was painful to watch. But I guess every guy and gal has their poison.

I'm not those aggressive, go-getter types [and there's nothing wrong with them], so I tend not to bomb-rush chics. Probably because I am cowardly. Yes, 0.5. In some matters at least. I do things gently-gently. Approach with caution, look for any positive signals. If you move towards her and she moves away, that's not a positive signal. That kind of thing. There were mixed signals this time. One moment you're being pulled in, the other you're being pushed away. Literally. But I've seen this before, and prefer to give her room to sought out the conflict going on in her mind. In the meantime, I continue to do my thing. It's not half bad actually, once you're used to it.

A couple of rounds of teasing later, and I got the distinct feeling that something had changed. There was a turning point somewhere in there. I was being pushed away less than before, and the eyes were saying she didn't mind all this so much. Still, I resist the urge to push the advantage. It'd probably be counterproductive anyway. We are sharing drinks by now. My knees aren't what they used to be so I'm also seated half the time, watching her do her thing as I talk to her friend.

Later still and the teasing is in full gear. There's definitely been a turning point. We're still just a guy and a gal who've just met and will go their separate ways after. It's not a big deal. At some point she asks for my number. Another positive sign. She got distracted though with something else and that was kind of forgotten. I got the feeling [fear] she'd changed her mind. So a short time later I offered mine. She started to fiddle with her phone and somehow we ended up looking at a series of photos of her and a few of her friend. Mostly of her. Eventually she keyed in her number into my phone, and off we went. Separate ways. Sent her my "This is my number" text after a short while. Apparently they may not remember you the next day so you need to make contact as soon as practicable. She called back. A good sign.

We got to talking. Not one of my strengths, talking. I do sms and email much better. Used to do blogs. A short while into the conversation and it was all over. I'd not heard such words before. "I'm done with you!". My tongue was huko doing somersaults and attempting to dive down my throat. I think the only thing with greater finality is death. Pretty even actually. Note to self. Never ever under any circumstances, if you are talking with one chic, mention another. Not the most mundane thing you can think about. Nothing. So that's a new record for a relationship. In my world anyway.

As I absorbed the shock, waiting for it to subside, it hit me that this was not an entirely unique occurrence. Some time back, one month, two months. Difficult to keep track of time when everyday is the same and weekends are spent like weekdays. At work. Got a similar message, ending in "bye". But we were meant to meet and I'd stood her up, so that was kind of expected. The common theme is an inability to communicate with women. Not that it was ever that brilliant, but it seems to be non-existent now. So if you see me attempting to ask a chic for her number. If you see signs that I may possibly be thinking about doing that kind of thing, save the chic and me both the pain. Send me a text. 60 mins.


Blogger aJamaa said...

This post is one of the most well written you have ever put up. I feel there are a few things in their that I must comment on but they are quite heavy so I will read it again and comment everytime something jumps at me.

Random questions. What about Alvaro prevents you from taking many of them in a night?

Her asking for your number is always a positive sign. In my own personal experience a lot has happened with those 3 women who asked for my no. What even works better is if she asks and you refuse and only give it to her when she insists.

Lets be honest what is the best that could have happened with her. You would texted each other for a few days and then you would have to struggle with that feeling of maybe I should call her and ask her out, not because I want to but because I do not want to offend her. Maybe you would have met up with her on some Friday or Sato but you would be there thinking that it would have been better if you were at home in bed, or hanging out with your pals.

Until you can get an answer to this fundamental question,'What are galfriends for?' Better that one who leaves early. She saves you both a lot of trouble and you a lot of guilt. Ask yourself, what is the best that could have happened?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:19:00 PM  
Blogger Samborera said...

Indeed. What are galfriends for.

Alvaro for me was like the beach. I'd heard so much about it before I first experienced it, it could never live up to the hype. Besides, there's something that sweet drinks do to teeth, and throats. Water is really mundane, but has no sideeffects.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 2:50:00 PM  

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