Sunday, January 20, 2008


It had been a while. A duration better measured in terms of years, or fractions of years than months. Got in late and had a seat on a side bench. Provided a real good view. Of all the folks gone off to slumberland, or waging heroic but losing battles. The row directly in front of me had 5 guys, in a row, whose heads were bowed throughout. And not in meditation I don't think. It's quite understandable I thought. What would you expect of a sermon out of and about Habbakuk.

I pondered also why a guy would wake up early, dress up, only to go and sleep in an uncomfortable position on a hard surface. Why not just stay at home. I like the concept of a sermonette. Before people start dozing off, it's all over. Also to be fair to the preacher, it is difficult these days to talk about anything about the current situation without appearing to take sides. If you say one thing you are perceived to be on one side, or the other, of the divide. That seems to be the key word. The degree of division among all sorts of people is unprecedented. It's manifestation anyhow. The natue and length of prayers reminded me that things are not quite "returned to normal".


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