Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bureaucracy and IT circles

Gone to meetings lately. An items that was on Minutes in Jan will be there every meeting for 4 years with the status " Awaiting feedback".

Look at this scenario:

A user reports a problem with the mouse. There are 3 teams that can fix the problem:
Business support will tell you drivers are not been detected. Infrastructure will maintain the cables,
help desks will report the problem, Engineering will fix the ball or the optical where that applies.

First he reported to ther BSS Team. That guy sits on it. Does nothing. "There's no call on the help desk" he will tell you. Arguing with hiom wont help. You give up and raise the call 2 wks later to avoid loss of business and the embarassment of not following procedures.

When HelpDesk reports(re-allocates the call) to Business Support(BSS), a guy in BSS replies wanting more clarification. The mail is CC'd to the 2 affected bosses. Then help desk will write a mail to the user (that guy's computer my not be working hence not be able to give feedback). The issue won't be resolved until the user requests a meeting with IT. IT says they
are still waiting feedback. The end user is now to blame. The users boss now circulates a mail to the whole of his team to promptly reply to Help desk enquiries.

So he gives feedback. Including event logs, pictures, screen captures (a screen without a mouse).The infrastructure team has to deliver a new cable. They raise it with procurement and await feedback.
Any questions to IT about the issue wil be swiftly replied: "we're waiting for Procurement to give a cable". 3 weeks pass and the finally cable comes. Yebo! this should be it. The managers are happy.
Reviews should be okay at the end of the year. all smiles.
Its fixed but the mouse doesn't work. The call is now redirected to business support to advise and CC'd to the user, the BSS manager and IT director.
This calls for quick reponse. They ask engineering to investigate on their part. The Call is changed to status "Researching".

3 months pass and no feedback. The IT director calls a meeting to resolve this. the Engineering manager reports "We have escalated to the Vendors and are still awaiting feedback" No-one can be put to task. he asks the guys who delivered the mouse to come and clean it. We are still waiting for their feedback.


Blogger tlaku said...

nice one. i feel your pain. this happens in many offices and all in all no one takes the blame. i think bureaucracy is about avoiding blame.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008 4:20:00 PM  

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