Thursday, July 05, 2007

Too much talk

Wednesday. That silly accent of hers. Wednesday is a person. Freaking annoying. I've just got to the office. 9.30. She didn't put out when we got home. I begged and pleaded. Nothing. Kept saying silly sh1t like she doesn't sleep around. Tried very hard not to laugh out loud at that one. Partly because it was 3 am or something; would wake the neighbours. Also because I was still trying to get some. Then she says something like she would like a committment. Again the immense effort not to laugh. She wants me to change. Wants to help me change. Apparently I have an attitude problem. Too cavalier about stuff. She didn't say cavalier. She foraged around for a word and came up with careless. So I gave up at some point. Exhaustion. Every time. She does the same thing. Makes me go round and round in freaking circles, jumping hoops (she has nice hoops by the way).

Anyways. In the morning I tried again and it worked. Problem is, she started screaming. Ok. I really hate it when women fake moaning and sh1t. Perhaps they were taught somewhere that the moaning makes a guy feel better (for lack of a more euphemistic word for enormous). I don't mind the occasional moan. I prefer a whimper here and there. Its all great, and keeping with the theme of the moment. But this one. This one took it to a whole new level. Too freaking loud for a guy to focus on his work. This had never happened before. I need my wits about me for an early morning thing. I'm already late for work and that screaming is not helping move things along faster. So I turned the radio way up. Apparently that didn't help. I received a complaint before I left the house. Someone thought someone was being killed. Was a very weird conversation to have. But that was after the event and I really wasn't listening.

But next time I am thinking of bringing someone home, I'll ask them if they shout/scream/moan/whimper during sex. She can only pick one.

And then the endless talking afterwards. Natter natter natter...


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