Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Playing Hockey

No. Its nothing to do with things like table penis or bedmington.
I actually got this excuse once. Playing hockey.

As usual, I was drinking. I ask Miss. P over for a few drinks at the usual. I mean, we are grown people (I think I am), but her reply left me feeling sad. Not primarily because she was not showing up. It was her reason for not being able to. She is in college. Granted, there is sports and stuff. Alot of stuff. I love campus stuff. Anyway. I am thinking that hockey over the weekend is as silly a lie as you can come up with. Perhaps she had used up all other lies. That says more about me than her. She had been out of town severally. Thika, Kisumu, Nyeri. Such like places. Yeah, while still going for class.

I'd much rather hear that you are at home. That you can't be bothered to leave the house. Or I'm out with my buddies. I won't press the issue on the gender of your buddies, they're your buddies.

Once we were supposed to hook up with this same Miss. P. She said she was at Carnivore. One of those New Jack Swing nights. I got all vamped up thinking at last! Finally I can pin her down (and yes I'm insinuating). So I am rallying the troops. Have about 4 dudes at the table. Can't remember who exactly but I'm thinking its the usual suspects. I ask about her company, she says 6 gals. Its my lucky day I think. The boys are good. We can move. I let her know we are moving, Quick Like A Bunny. Good thing we still hadn't budged cause she replies that they've actually left. Apparently one of the buddies got suddenly ill. They're out. I reply that we are at the gates, I can't see you for a minute? Oh no, she says, we left about 5 minutes ago, sorry, another day. I just sat back and continued with the drinks. Peeved? Annoyed? All those. Disappointed? Very much. Again not because we weren't hooking up. The silliness of her manouvering.

It's this being stringed along. Always with the hope that today will be the day. Well, I quit doing that a while back. I think. If we can't lie in the proper manner, then forget it.

Out of town. Hockey tournament. Nuts.

And I think there is this thing about not being where you say you are. Just say where you are!! I'm at winkers. Lets meet there. You show up. Oh, sorry. I haven't got there yet, I'm Ngong Rd. What the #~''@;:. One TallThing used that on me once. Says she is at some club in tao. I say I'm coming over, oh now she is not there. 3 clubs she moved through in the space of 45 minutes. Superwoman.

I'd even prefer you don't reply.


Anonymous kenyandream said...

Has to be one of two things:
1) She's young and enjoys the chase because her friends love that she's being chased
2) She's (in the nicest possible way) just not that into you

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 5:47:00 PM  

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