Thursday, February 15, 2007

I will get a kid wen I'm 25

These sentiments are obviously not my own. First, I'm not big on SMS speak. I'm the kind of guy who'll actually type 'tomorrow' in an sms [thankfully I can also use kesho]. What can I say. I don't like change. Then, of course, I already turned 25. A long time ago now.

And I just may not want anyone to father it. That startled me a bit. For a moment, I wasn't sure of my reaction. I'm still not, actually. Why would a chic want such a thing. Ok. Apparently women start to crave and dream of babies at some point. But when did single parenthood [motherhood?] become so attractive. The model to strive for. Sure, all men are dogs. Or cows. Or pigs. Or some other domesticated animal, but they've always been. And nice cows are boring so there's no winning here. It's a sad statement though. On so many levels.

Wouldn't mind if it was u. More startlement. The whole day I looked at that statement. Again, more uncertainty about my reaction. At least I'd make her A list.


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