Thursday, December 10, 2009


I rarely go into town. I do my biweekly Posta run, with the accompanied bill paying and that's just about it. So I end up missing a lot of the goings-on in the city. You're walking across a street and start to think to yourself how wide the pavement has become. Kumbe there's a make-every-street-one-way project going on, that's why. Or you discover that mathrees moved.

So walking about town and seeing the tents, I was a bit confused. This was either a bank, doing what banks do best, or a blood donation drive. But somehow none of these prospects seemed convincing. Until I got closer and was able to see the VCT logos. I'm pretty blind as it is. What was interesting to me wasn't the foray into the CBD of this service. OK. It was interesting, but what was more interesting was the host of people standing outside [presumably] waiting to be tested. I always imagined that this was the kind of thing people do highly anonymously, in a distant neighbourhood, in the dark. I thought there was stigma associated with testing, and that generally one wouldn't want to be recognized while doing it. It seems I was wrong. A pleasant surprise if that is so. I've only ever tested the once. And seeing all those people made me feel like I was on the wrong side. But if everyone is doing it, it can only be a good thing. I wonder who pays all those folks manning the centres though. Doubt it's the GoK.


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