Friday, July 31, 2009

Queer eye

So this chic was telling me that someone made a pass at her. A gal made a pass at her. "And the problem is?". That was my thought anyway. Seeing gals, seemingly extra friendly to each other, on a night out isn't too dramatic. Perhaps because of that innate lesbian fantasy that is imprinted in every [straight] guy's brain. I wonder what the evolutionary hypothesis for that is.

Anyway. So she isn't too amused at my attempts to brush her concerns aside. She just doesn't like it. This kind of advances. As long as her admirer isn't a psycho stalker, I don't see a problem. It's really not like a guy making a pass at me for instance. It's no fun constantly watching your back.

Hearing this kind of thing isn't new. The first thing I always think of is the apparent imbalance in the male to female ratio. Which is another mystery in itself. When I was a kid. A bunch of us boys would literally jump through hoops to get a chance with one of the few girls around. I'll never forget the girl for whom I agreed to participate in a series of challenges. To be fair, it was more out of coercion from the older boys in the neighbourhood than anything else. I was 10, and the only thing that got me excited was the prospect of playing football all day long. Without going home for lunch. Playing until no one can see the ball anymore. Yeah. That was the best. This idea of doing all sorts of ridiculous things to impress some [cute] girl, I didn't quite get. I obviously lost that battle, and from that day the girl belonged to John.

But, like I was saying, girls were much rarer back then. Fast forward a couple of decades and everywhere you look, all you see are gals. One of the doctors assured me some time back that gender proportions at birth are roughly equal. Found it rather hard to believe because I couldn't satisfactorily answer the question "where have all the boys gone". Whatever the case, perhaps some chics have looked at the statistics and decided the field is too crowded for them. No harm in trying out some gal-love. I've also read commentaries about how men have become good-for-nothing. Not sure what we were good for before. Scaring off wild animals perhaps. Not too many of those roaming the streets anymore. So they give up on men and get closer to their own. Then there are those stories about being hurt in one way or another by one man after another. Makes sense then to try something different. Have a better chance of not being cheated on and getting emotional needs fulfilled. There are workarounds for physical needs so everything's sorted. Whatever the case, I'm really interested in meeting this pal's not-so-secret admirer.


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