Thursday, May 21, 2009

Locked in

It's quite a popular tactic among businesses. Big businesses especially.

It would be lots of fun being locked in, if I was "in" by choice. My choice. But that's not how these guys work. More often than not you find yourself in a situation where you use a product or service because you don't have viable options. Because you are, for all intents and purposes, forced to. This rather than because you want to. Because in spite of other existing products you chose that one for the value it provides for you.

I used to think that the latter was the better business model. But it's already been established that I'm clueless about business. Need to do a stint at Strathmore Business School or something. Used to believe that if you have a good product, some people will use it. And that that was enough. I suppose though if you are a business owner you want all people to use it, not some. Make more money. More money is always better. I guess everyone looks out for themselves. Consumers and businesses both. All's fair in love and war and all that.


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