Monday, June 29, 2009

Down time

I was in a waiting area the other day. Looking around for the umpteenth time, I noticed three people on their blackberries. Blackberry being a generic term for those huge things people carry around and use to check office mail. I presume they were checking office mail.

It's an example of our always-on lifestyles these days. Any idle time is considered a waste of time, to be avoided at all costs. Sure, I was bored sitting there, and I've never thought the magazines and tellys in waiting rooms really work. What they ought to have are beds. So that a guy can nap comfortably instead of trying to find a good position to do so on a chair.

Back in my most recent working days, I remember a certain level of management in our department being handed those palm pilots or whatever those things are. Smart phones? It's the kind of thing that I've been wary of. If you carry it around during office hours then stash it in the drawer at 5, fine. But the thought of being out on a weekend afternoon enjoying a drink and getting buzzed by mail from some guy slogging away in the office is pretty depressing. Certainly not something I would willfully do. I always say that it's a good thing I didn't have a comp in campus. Especially during the final year project. It was hard enough to sleep with all sorts of things flying around in the head. If I had a comp there for an outlet, I wouldn't have been able to resist it. Wouldn't have been healthy for sure.

I think a little time off the grid is a good thing. Then again, the more I talk, the more I sound like a grumpy old man.


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