Friday, May 08, 2009

Top ranking

I was googling myself the other day. Nothing vanity or ego related. More of boredom. Anyway. Nothing remarkable came up. So I thought to myself. There's this gal I know, and went on to google her. First page that comes up is a facebook profile. I don't have an account so I don't bother to middle-click the link. Let's see. There's this other gal I know. Same thing. Top result is a facebook page.

I was a bit surprised I suppose at the trend. Most everyone's first and main reference on the web is facebook. 2 of the 2 people I tried anyway. I suppose if I was part of the phenomenon I wouldn't be as surprised. This one chic looked at me like I was a leper circa 25 AD when I pointed out that I wasn't on there. Like I had the swine flu. My small sis threatened to create a profile for me. And she could do it. Has all my personal information. I don't get out much or do terribly exciting things so she could pass off as me. Apparently that kind of thing does happen. With celebrities at least. I got a bit curious about the kind of things people put up. Was tempted to create a dummy account just so that I can be peeping at people's profiles. But I'm too lazy to be bothered.

The proliferation of internet use has made me a bit [more] paranoid though. You meet a chic in a bar and the next day she's on the web looking you up. Asking if a link to such and such is you you. You feign ignorance and repudiate everything she says. But now she knows more about you than you may have been ready for her to know necessarily. Hopefully she doesn't read blogs.


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