Sunday, May 03, 2009

If I were a girl

Some time back 0.5 pointed out that I was using man-logic when trying to understand stuff to do with women. I kind of accepted the hypothesis but still had a problem with the details. Surely, logic is logic. 2 plus 2 is always 4? But apparently that venerable trait that aJamaa calls reasonableness is somewhat subjective, and if I know what's good for me, I'll learn to put on a different hat when dealing with the fairer sex.

Which isn't an easy thing. I have trouble understanding myself so how would I possibly figure out what makes somebody else tick. Right now, the only coping mechanism I have is not to try and understand stuff that chics do. Not to argue or not to use my kind of thinking to argue, when she insists that I have to put up a fight. It would be neat though if I could have an extra brain compartment that thinks like a girl. The way women have evolved something similar to do what guys do. I'd probably start walking with swaying hips as a side effect, because hormones are the likely source of the difference in thinking. McDreamy would open me up and go "Blimey! What's this doing here". Of course if I was on House, I'd also have acute paralysis, and boils and stop breathing every now and then for no apparent reason.

I think it's the good doctor who said that what a guy really wants for a galfriend/wife/whatever is someone who thinks like a guy but looks like a gal. Something that apparently doesn't exist.


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