Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kiss me

0.5 asked when the last time a guy had fun was. I only have two words. Wild waters.

Fun aside. It was my second night during the trip to coastarica. I'd realised when I checked in the first night why people go places with their galfriends. Hotel rooms are not healthy to be alone in. Really. So I got out and about next chance I had. And next. Thursday night I think it was. A bit slow, but I wasn't too disappointed. Better to be bored in a different town than in the same old joint. And you can take a walk and watch the ocean.

Anyway. At some point, I met this gal. Can't remember the circumstances. Can't remember much actually before she was sitting opposite me going, "Kiss me". It was one of those things they call out of the blue. One of those times you turn to look behind you and around you because she's definitely not talking to you. Because you had been chatting about some random thing. How it's raining outside. Then bam!

Anyway. I guess the last time a guy had fun was a year and a half ago.


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