Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mr and Mrs

Two more people got married last weekend. At least. It's like an epidemic all over again. When it's people you know, people you were in the same class with, you can't help but wonder what's going on. Was some proclamation made that you aren't aware of. Or are people just getting on with their lives, as you should.

Marriage is one of those things. There is the drama that foregoes the day itself. I don't know the going rate for bride price, but if the chic you fancy is earning a lot of money, you'd better start saving. I don't like bargaining, so I've always said if I was on the spot, I would walk away from the shenanigans that go on with relatives and councils of elders and stuff. Their daughter can always marry someone else.

Then immediately after the magic words are said, you are presented as Mr and Mrs <insert guy's name here>. From that day, the chic becomes Mrs. Nani. I suppose if two are going to become one, somebody has to lose their identity. Too bad it has to be the chic. Change IDs and documents and stuff. That hyphenation thing is worse actually. I'm not sure what it's meant to accomplish, besides make people go out of breath when saying your name. If you want to retain your identify, keep your name as is. Must you be identified as being attached to some guy. Those who matter know who you're married to, and those who don't know don't care. Are there guys who take their wives names? Or hyphenate their wives names into theirs. There should be a lobby like that.

And what's with married people and going everywhere together. Must you really. I don't like shopping, but now I'll be expected to do the supermarket run with you. What is the use of having an extra person there. I can do the shopping, or you can, but go together? What's the point of that. And if the point is that you don't often do things together and this is for bonding and stuff then things are really thick. Must she take an interest in my hobbies? Does she now have to come along if you're off to catch El Clasico.

With all the issues I have, I'll probably never get hitched anyway. And getting hitched isn't a bad thing. You get to be happier and more fulfilled and live longer and stuff. I suppose at some point people just say, what the hell...and get on with it.


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