Saturday, December 06, 2008


The universe has a great sense of humour. A great sense of irony.

So I had finally garnered up the courage to delete this number from my yahoo address book. I keep some of the numbers I get here, just in case maybe someday down the road after I've deleted the number from my phone, I possibly may get the urge to get in touch again. Potentially. I'm a big fan of rationalization, so I figure that this scheme is a good thing in case I lose my phone or something. To rebuild my phonebook and stuff. Then there's the need once a number is deleted, and the concerned party texts or something, to check out the backup address book so as to discover who this blast from the past is.

I rarely delete numbers from the backup so when I do it's to break a back and forth cycle, the dreaded dance of death, or to take preventative action when a dance of death is deemed likely. Never an easy thing to do. But that's what I'd done Friday afternoon. Fast forward to 4am. We've ended up in Westlands. I'm fast turning into a popsicle. It's freezing. Kamikaze exchanges words with a bouncer and before you could say P.I.M.P, a lass had appeared in our midst. It was white-top. This gal does get around. Seems like furniture at quite a few places. But she's off as fast as she appeared. Something about the cold. After an equally brief period, she was back. With someone in tow. Black-top. I sure didn't see that one coming. I had just erased all her known contacts hours earlier. Now I bump into her? Now? Who writes these scripts.

After a while I'm whisked away. That "just say no" stuff works in ads but is much harder to do in real life. But I know what this is about. I'm just a guy to buy more drinks. ATM. That's what it was always about. I'm not as loaded as the Kamikaze but I can do one round for the 3 gals. There was a friend in the mix. As ever. Eventually, an hour down the line, they had to go home. The friend's [boy]friend was going to give them a ride home. That's that then. Till the next time the cosmos decides to have a laugh.


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