Monday, December 08, 2008

A pao

It's amazing to see reactions sometimes. Like when Kamikaze buys Brenda, and all the other waitresses at the joint a round of drinks. Could hardly believe it. Although I was probably more intrigued by her reaction. She almost did a dance while heading away. And after that offered to go out of her way to do all sorts of stuff. Like get a round of sausages after the food guy had presumably gone home. Was she doing this because of a sense of obligation now, or was it driven by feel good chemicals flooding her brain. A rush of adrenalin through her body.

I'd seen that kind of thing before. Had absolutely no idea a pao could elicit such a response. No idea. It was like I'd done this amazing thing. Took me by complete surprise. It was nothing. I couldn't understand it. I guess the shoe wearer is the only one who knows where it pinches.


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