Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another season

Another season of English football is here. Same old questions. Will Arsenal's youngsters manage till the end of the season. Can Chelsea be beaten. Will Man U nick it again. Will Liverpool do better than fourth [this time]. I'm not sure they will actually. One victory over Man U doesn't quite do it. Having a little trouble scoring. Still think what is lacking is some inspiration. A champion's/winning attitude/belief, forgotten in the course of 20 odd years. Benitez is equally intriguing in his decisions. It'd be hard to find a club that signs as many goalkeepers. Like one every year, who eventually end up in other clubs. Same as strikers actually. Don't get why you would sign up someone, only to send them on their way the very next season. Bellamy, Voronin, Keane? I wonder how long he'll survive. Crouch also took a while to get going, but he fell out of favour pretty quickly also. Anyway. I wonder if there'll be any seismic changes to the status quo. Don't think so. After a while, it'll be as you were.


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