Monday, July 30, 2007

Musing loud

This is an old story. Makes me laugh everytime I think about. Whatever this guy was smoking, if it is fed into an aeroplane, that plane can reach the planet Saturn. That guy must have been very high on some very nasty s***.

Still on the Clintons ...
I like Bill Clinton. For no apparent except that I can damn well choose who to like and who not to like. I also like his wife Hilary Clinton. Nice, affable folk. I also think (with absolutely no evidence or statistics to back up me up) that Hilary Clinton will become the president. So Bill will troop back to Washington, as First Husband to Mrs President. I can see it now,...some pompous master of ceremonies ....with us is Her Excellency Mrs President, accompanied by the First Husband Mr President, and two time First Daughter ....

I get saddened every time I see a person who is my age, or older, enthusiastically singing along to crack,..sorry crunk. My younger brother who is 22 surely can't have more style than you? That kid has no screws in his head but he does not listen to crunk. When I see these dudes, I see guys who were weaned on Musaimo, danced Musaimo to their mid-twenties then had an epiphany, a thunder-bolt strike kind of revelation; CRUNK! Cr*p.

I had a ride in Metro Shuttle today. It was very nice. We should have more of these buses and perhaps the proliferation of cars would reduce. Sure, guys will always buy cars for prestige or things like that but better service delivery would lead to eased congestion. Hoping to catch that bus again tomorrow.

I am tired of the putrid garbage that is coming out of morning radio shows. This is not entertainment, its assault. The stuff you hear! Frank Njenga, the shrink, might be run out of business! I think Capital should be commended for not turning the morning show into a freak therapy session.

Bahhh! I have run out of venom.


Blogger Samborera said...

two time First Daughter...? Too much.

Monday, July 30, 2007 5:52:00 PM  

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