Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nuu Shhiit

Every year, just as the new year starts, I get this line in my head, from an
Onyx song (the rappers - Freddro Star, Sticky Fingaz and I think a guy
called Begetz, not sure). Its just one line by Sticky - Well its the nuu
year! Time for some nuu shiiit! Just that. Every year, for about 5 or so
years since I heard that song.

It is a new year. With it brings promise of change. Sort of like you have
passed through some murk and have just taken the shower to last you a year.
You are clean. You can start again. You can leave anything or anyone behind
and simply put it down to resolutions. All's well. You can lay down plans
and work at them. You can mend fences with lost friends, its a new year, we
can start again. Re-evaluating yourself.

I remember when I didn't have a choice and had to go upcountry with the
folks during the holidays, that night of 31st was spent outside alone, on
some granite rock, it would be pitch black (those upcountry nights are just
scary - and the locals have adapted to the extent that they can tell who you
are when all you can hear is a voice in the darkness calling your name), so
the stars just seem to shine brighter. Guess I miss that. But a guy can
always take some time on a Nairobi night and just stand alone in the late
hours of the night, stare at the stars (unless its raining of course -
perhaps the rain would make it more poignant, except you'll start the year
sick) and just re-evaluate.

A guy doesn't have to beat himself up too much. Recognise the things you've
done, those you haven't, those you want to do and those you have to do. Also
those you don't want to do no more. What's done is done. You are here now.

Its the nuu year! Time for some nuu shiiit!


Blogger Samborera said...

It could have been me saying all that stuff. Apart from the fact that Onyx were too hardcore for me way back then. There's something they say about minds that think alike.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 7:09:00 AM  

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