Wednesday, January 06, 2010

aJamaa goes a walking - Day 3

We were woken up at around 6.30. It was to be a long day with an 8 hour hike. I realised how high we already were when I noticed that I could no longer see the forest we had walked through the previous day, since it was under some clouds and we were now over the clouds.

We started our morning hike just after 8. We were walking through the heath and moorland belt. It was a nice sunny day and the peak was very clear. The scenery was composed of thick shrubs the kind that makes one think that some animal is going to jump out of and fagia you from the path to the bush in the other side of of the path. If you have watched 2000 BC you might be able to imagine what I am talking about. I would hav appreciated the scenery more if I was not weighed down by my rucksack. Although I really suffered carrying it the previous day, I convinced myself that my body would get used to it and from the second day things would be better.

We stopped for lunch at some caves. I was getting very impressed with the cook. The man could rustle up a simple but tasty meal in a very short time in the middle of the bush. Very many other people stopped for lunch at the same place. There must have been at least 6 different groups and considering each group had a minimum of 30 support guys the area around the cave was soon looking like a market.
We started our afternoon hike shortly after 1. By now my body was really starting to feel the effects of hiking up a gentle incline weighed down by a 14kg rucksack. One of the guys in my group told me about how in his younger days he would go mountain climbing without guides and porters and so everyone in their group had to carry either food, utensils or jiko and as such each of them would carry between 20 and 25kgs. After dragging myself up a never ending incline for four hours I got to the campsite. Tensions were getting higher the peak was really close now, it was getting colder and the thought that we would be summiting the following night was at the top of everyones mind.
I hardly slept that night. A strong wind was blowing outside, my feet were really cold, despite me wearing 2 fresh pairs of woollen socks. To add insult on to injury there was a guy in a nearby tent who was snoring really loudly.


Anonymous kellie said...

my 2010 bucket list includes Mt Kilimanjaro. Looks like it was a good experience the cold notwithstanding.

Who coordinated your tour? Pls let me know on

Friday, January 08, 2010 2:25:00 PM  

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