Wednesday, January 06, 2010

aJamaa goes a walking - Day 2

The Chinese brought in a caterpillar that cleared bushes from the side of the road to allow cars to get through the mud pool that was formerly the road. We did not get too far before we ran into a section of road that was too narrow for two cars pass alongside each other and unfortunately there was an oncoming mat and truch. The mat guy convinced us to reverse a little to let him and the truck through. Since we were in a Nissan Urvan the mat would be able to pull us out if we got stuck while reversing. The dere is a nice guy, he decided to be the bigger man and give them way. Since nice guys always finish last, we got stuck, the mat guys tried to push us out, in the process the car battery got messed and so the car could not start and the mat guys took off leaving us to our own devices.

After a long wait and several attempts at pushing a 1.5 tonne mat whose engine could not come on, a good samaritan lent us his battery and another helped pull us out of the mud. We got to Loitoktok in the afternoon and proceeded to the base camp we would start our hike from.


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