Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey There

Been a minute ain't it? Don't get that? No? Not your kind of speak? Ok. It's been a while though eh? Actually, there's some guy who always says that to me when we meet. Once every three years I think. At some point we used to hang out at some dank alley in town drinking the stuff my liver is still suffering from. Since there was no music there, he and I would break into song every so often. We decided to become rap artists then. Of course I can never commit to anything so that stuff died. I think he went ahead and did a song. I can't remember his name so I can't point you in any direction to locate said song.

Anyways. What the deal?

Some guy's been grabbing our stuff eh? Some domquem punk. Setting it up on his blog as his own writings. Flattering, as 0.5 pointed out. Irksome still. Fuhgedabowdit.

0.5, I'm not married. For any intents and purposes. And if you keep saying that I will have to pummel you. I always wanted to use that word pummel. Sounds quietly serious. Filled with intent.

This post is simply a cracking of the knuckles. Testing. To see if my hands still work on keyboards. Been a long age.

More later. I hope.


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