Wednesday, April 29, 2009

7 days.

Perhaps you are asking yourself where i suddenly just popped from.
You see, i had vowed to watch news as rarely as i could. Damn i have missed a lot. Relevant shit.
If you start feeling denied of your rights, perhaps you need to revisit today's resolution. In the news. Could help.
5 women today asked all women to deny men of all conjugal rights, privileges or obligations thereto for 7 days. Yes, 7 days. you will share the same bed with a woman for 7 days with no penetration. No blow job, nothing! Not even coitus interruptus.
What blows my mind is i wonder if these women ever have sex. No prejudice, but they are the meanest looks alive. 5 women who can do better with botox. Why do i bring this up? Cool down buddy. The thing is they cited women from some Scandinavian country of having achieved change by denying men of $ex. I have a feeling mean women there get enhanced.

They even claim they have spoken to all first ladies and concubines and they are in.
Oops i need to end it there before i start feeling like i need to apologize.
Just thought you should know.


Blogger Samborera said...

I don't watch news so I didn't really get the story. Hasn't this kind of statement been made before.

About sharing a bed with a woman for a week without having sex, you do intend to get married don't you? So prepare your mind.

Saturday, May 02, 2009 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger 0.5 said...

Some have argued that the issue has stolen the limelight from the politicians and their never ending nonsense; Which is true, but the tragedy is just how comical the whole thing is. It is empty intrigues as I imagine most sensible women, if not all will carry along as if nothing had been said in said at all.

If there will be any "denying", it won't be because some confused, middle aged, feminist and frothing-at-the-mouth woman (or women) said so. Women have been playing "rationing sex" for millenia. As Samborera said, Whats different?

On the other hand, guys are not wasting time throwing jibes at women every opportunity they get. It happened on Thursday where some cop mercilessly taunted some ladies (a pregnant one among them, telling her she should "strike" more often to avoid catching pregnancies - go figure). The guys were dying of laughter as the chics squirmed, shuffled and fidgeted.

Perhaps female activists should advise us that they do comedy as well

Monday, May 04, 2009 9:29:00 AM  

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