Saturday, February 28, 2009

So little time

It's an old feeling now. Remember recognizing it in campus. So many languages to learn. Just as you're learning one, someone else tells you about another one he's learning. And there was always something new to learn. I just wished they would stop with all the languages already. We had enough. And there wasn't enough time to read all those tutorials.

And so it was at work. At some point anyway. Had this constant feeling like I was being hit by a tsunami. Over and over. I'd start feeling anxious around 11am. Couldn't help but feel when the clock hit that particular magic number that the day was over. I mean. When I considered how much stuff I had to do, and the amount of time required to do that stuff, and the amount of time left in the day, the day was indeed over. The maths didn't add up. Or subtract or whatever. There just weren't enough hours in a day. On Tuesday I could see myself having to come into work on Saturday. Always that feeling of being overwhelmed.

And every so often it does come back. So many possibilities. So many things to do. So many ideas. So many links to follow. So many blogs to read. So many things to learn. So many things to watch. Can't possibly miss this. Or the other. Else the world end. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ooh. MPs aside, this kind of overload can be quite, overwhelming. And sometimes you get so caught up, you can't extricate yourself. So you have to take up timeboxing.


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